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Comprehensive Functional Medicine Labs


Tap into the world of at-home functional medicine labs.  Precision labs that you can purchase and complete in the comfort of your own home!  It’s time to take one GIANT step forward to invest in your health!

A 3 step simple process for understanding underlying imbalances in your health:

  1. Order test
  2. Complete test once arrived to your home
  3. Mail test back in for results in 2-3 weeks

The Comprehensive Functional Medicine Labs are for those looking to gain a comprehensive view into particular areas of their health.  It can also be a great, affordable option to getting some answers!

Comprehensive Functional Medicine Labs range from $150-$250 and include tests such as:

Men’s Wellness Test, Women’s Wellness Test, Sleep & Stress Test, Thyroid Panel Test, & Adrenal Cortisol Test.

This product includes a 30 minute lab consult fee of $100.

Learn more about the labs here.

**Clients of Rice Wellness Center are able to access lab tests through EquiLife and Rupa Health at a discounted price!

By adding this to your cart, you are agreeing to purchase 1 Comprehensive Functional Medicine Lab, preferably recommended by your functional medicine practitioner or by listing the specific desired test in the Additional Information Order notes section at checkout.

Looking to pay with FSA or HSA?  Click here!

Labs, protocols, supplements, coaching, and course program are ALL eligible for FSA and HSA payments, courtesy of a partnership with TrueMed!


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