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Be BOLD For Your Brain Health.
Choose Brain Healthy DAILY Actions To TRANSFORM Your Overall Well-Being!



Did you know that Alzheimer’s Disease is expected to double by 2050, and on average, someone in the world develops dementia every 3 seconds!

Sadly, mild and severe cognitive impairment can lead to several health factors such as increased anxiety, memory loss, decreased motor skills, brain fog, and depression. 

Depression affects nearly 50 million Americans, has increased over 400% since 1987, resulting in nearly 25% of the population taking antidepressants, and is becoming one of the greatest killers of our time. 

Daily life choices and habits play a significant role in the health of your brain.  Over consumption of things like sugar has shown to increase the risk of diabetes, obesity, hyperactivity (ADHD), cancer cell growth, slowed brain waves, and depression.

Other lifestyle areas such as sleep health also play a key role, of which, an estimated 50-70 million Americans have chronic or on-going sleep disorders. 

Curious to learn about the current state of your brain health?  

Consider taking any of these brain quizzes to learn about early indicators and risk factors relating to your brain health:



Do you know how fascinating your brain is?  Your brain:

  • Has over 100B neurons
  • Contains trillions of supporting cells
  • More connections than stars in the universe
  • Accounts for 2% of your body weight
  • Uses 20-30% of calories consumed
  • Requires 20% of oxygen and blood flow to optimally function

There are 10 brain principles to be aware of for making daily decisions for brain health. 

  1. Your brain is involved in everything you do.
  2. When your brain works right, you work right.
  3. Your brain is the most complex organ in the universe.
  4. Your brain is soft, and housed in a hard skull.
  5. Many things hurt the brain.
  6. Many things help the brain.
  7. Your brain only has so much reserves (Brain Reserve Curve).
  8. Parts of the brain do specific things.
  9. Includes 4 circles of wholeness and healing.
  10. You can change your brain and your life.

Optimizing the 4 Circles of Brain Health (Biological, Physiological, Social, Spiritual) is KEY for lifelong brain health and well-being.

Take the 4 Circles of Brain Health quiz to see where your at today!

4 Circles of Brain Health
Brain Mavericks

Be A BRAIN Maverick To Improve Overall Health & Well-Being

The environments that surround most of us don’t support brain healthy habits (food, beverages, air pollution, environmental toxins, stressful work environments).

Therefore, it takes what we refer to as BRAIN MAVERICKS to be bold for your brain health, every day. 

If you are struggling with brain fog, memory loss, dementia, depression, chronic stress, negative thoughts and feelings, or feel you are at increased risk of brain related disorders, we encourage you to start your journey in speaking with one of our Amen University certified brain health coaches.

In working with a coach, you will learn about the current health of your brain and design a personalized plan of daily habits to promote a strong, healthy, and thriving brain! 

Rice Wellness Center also offers a wide range of courses, programs and protocols, including:

  • Eliminating Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)
  • Taming Past and Present Dragons
  • Memory Rescue
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention
  • Brain Healthy Diets

Learn more about the 4 Circles of Brain Health in this short video.

Your not stuck with the brain you have.  Take action today to improve your brain health!

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