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Rice Wellness Center

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Rice Wellness Center

Integrative Approach To Health For Personalized Wellness!

Leveraging 7 integrative disciplines of IHP, brain health mastery of Amen Clinics, and functional breathing techniques of Oxygen Advantage to help you master all key areas, with precision, for vibrant health!

Additionally, for any chosen plan we will leverage the DESTRESS® Protocol which involves the areas of:

Diet, Exercise, Stress, Toxins, Recovery, Emotions, Sleep, and Supplements.

If you feel like you have tried EVERYHING or just getting started, you’re in the right place! 

Rice Wellness Center

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Rice Wellness Center


Rice Wellness Center



  • Husband, Father & Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • Board Certified International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine
  • Certified High Performance Health Coach
  • Certified Integrative Health Practitioner Level 2
  • Certified Brain Health Coach, Amen Clinics
  • Certified Functional Breathing Instructor, Oxygen Advantage
  • Certified Nutrition Coach, NASM-CNC
  • Serial Tech Entrepreneur: Founder Of 2 Agriculture Tech Co.’s
  • Speaker 
Troy Rice

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Rice Wellness Center
Rice Wellness Center

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