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Building a happy, healthy home by applying these foundational steps for lifelong health and well-being that you DESERVE!

Diet.  Exercise.  Stress.  Toxins.  Recovery.  Emotions.  Success-mindset.  Supplements

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    Dr. Cabral

    DESTRESS® Protocol

    "An IHP in every home." - Dr. Stephen Cabral

    Stephen Cabral, Doctor of Naturopathy created a book called The Rain Barrel Effect, which shared how toxins accumulate in the body over time until there reaches a point of overflow, ultimately showing up in the body as several functional health problems such as excessive weight gain, thyroid dysfunction, decreased energy, brain fog, poor immune health, leaky gut, autoimmune, and several other dis-eases of the body.

    Dr. Cabral believes in creating an integrative health practitioner in every home. Creating lifelong wellness for parents and their children as they integrate the principles of the DESTRESS® Protocol into their every day lives!

    I am honored as a mentee of Dr. Cabral’s as a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner Level 2 to carry this mission forward– helping parents and their kids implement this in their own homes.

    In addition to integrative and functional medicine approaches, Troy weaves in his trainings as a certified brain health coach, certified breathing instructor, and certified nutrition coach to help parents and their kids understand and take action building life principles rooted in holistic and precision health. 

    Rice Wellness Center

    It's time to empty your rain barrel and create a path for lifelong health and well-being!

    Here’s what you’ll discover inside the DESTRESS® Protocol Program:


    Balanced nutrition of vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins, & healthy fats.


    Optimal movement & energy expenditure


    Adaptation and management of daily stressors


    Remove harmful chemicals inside the body and our environments


    Functional breathing, optimal sleep, and relaxation techniques


    Reflecting, releasing, and building emotional resilience


    Master the hierarchy of needs & the conscious and subconscious mind


    Rebalancing of vitamins and minerals absent from todays food sources


    Starter Guide

    Intrigued but not sure where to start? A lifestyle change towards health and well-being seems far off in the distance at this time. That's OK. What if you took just 1 step forward? Download our FREE starter guide!

    DESTRESS Course

    DESTRESS® Course!

    Learn the DESTRESS® Protocol, functions of the body, how to give the body the right raw inputs it needs, and simple, actionable steps for creating a path for lifelong health and well-being, at any age!
    Course officially launches on December 31st!

    Troy Rice


    Troy delivers talks at schools and with parents across the nation helping them to implement the DESTRESS® Protocol within their own homes. Bring Troy into your school, church, or community today!

    Need help getting to the root cause of your health problems? Schedule a free 15 minute health consult today!

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    Just tell us where you’d like us to send it!

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