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TRANFORM Your Sleep, Immune System, Nervous System, & Overall Well-Being
Through Learning HOW To Functionally Breathe


Breathing EDU

Growing up, were you taught how to breathe? 

It is one of life’s essential gifts for optimal well-being that many of us rarely think of, and therefore, often take for granted on a daily basis.  We just expect it to work for us.  Because without, we would cease to exist.

Functional breathing, was something Founder, Troy Rice, did not discover until his early 30s.  Something he has learned to be the case for many in the world. 

Today, He spends time teaching functional breathing at home with his 4 kids, at local schools, in the community, and with his clients. 

If you’re challenged with poor sleep (sleep apnea, snoring), immune problems, high stress, or allergies, it may likely be a result of learned dysfunctional breathing. 

It’s time to regain back one of life’s essentials in a way that serves you, and your well-being!

Nasal Breathing

Breathing Fundamentals

Chronic mouth breathing and breathing through the chest rather than the diaphragm can lead to several health problems, including:

  • mouth deformities and dental problems (gingivitis, gum disease, cavities), sleep apnea and/or snoring, increased stress and stress responses poor immune system, nasal blockage or sinus congestion, and decreased cardiovascular health

Learning functional breathing, through the nose, offers several benefits, including:

  • warming and humidifying the air, removing significant amounts of germs and bacteria, increased respiratory strength, avoidance of mouth issues (cavities and gum disease), release of nitric oxide (NO) into the nasal airways- increasing arterial oxygen tension and reduction in pulmonary vascular resistance, stimulates diaphragmatic breathing which has shown to Increased antioxidant defense, decrease cortisol, increase melatonin, reduce heart rates, increase insulin, reduce glycemia, and reduces free-radical production– lowering oxidative stress. 

There are 3 main components to functional breathing: 1) Biomechanics , 2) Biochemical,  and 3) Psycho-physiological

  • Biochemistry is the focus on influencing your blood circulation and oxygen delivery, and decreasing your degree of breathlessness during rest, sleep and physical exercise.
  • Biomechanics refers to enhancing functional movement and the area between the diaphragm and the upper airway dilator muscles during sleep to assist in lessening the risk of obstructive sleep apnea.  
  • Psycho-physiological refers to slowed, diaphragmatic breathing that  strengthens the baroreflex, reduces chemosensitivity of the body’s carbon dioxide, stimulates the vagus nerve, and boosts heart rate variability.  

Learning and practicing these fundamentals can help rebalance and in some cases, reverse, several health conditions you may be experience.

Functional Breathing Basics
Rice Wellness Center

Functional Breathing For Health & Well-Being

One of the most effective ways to get back on track with your breathing is to work with a Certified Breathing coach

In working with a coach, you will learn the basics in helping you develop daily habits of nasal breathing and kick the poor habits of chronic mouth breathing.  Techniques and habits that can be implemented in as little as a few minutes a day. 

Struggling with sleep apnea, chronic snoring, panic attacks, asthma, anxiety, or even autoimmune disorders?

A coach will help you learn specific techniques to help in each of these areas to transform your health and well-being.

Additional techniques available for functional breathing while walking, jogging, running, high performance training, and mindfulness/meditation.

Learn more about functional breathing and the incredible benefits in this live webinar

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