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A Touch of Love & A Personalized Plan
to ULTIMATE Health & Wellness.

Delivering A Precision
Health Approach To Help YOU Design Your "WELLNESS SUIT!"

Rice Wellness Center

Create Your Own Personalized "WELLNESS SUIT!"

✅ 60-Minute Monthly Calls

✅ 3 Month Wellness Plan + Labs (see packages)

✅ Lab Coaching & Protocol Recommendations

✅ Weekly Personalized Wellness Plan Check-Ins

✅ Open Availability Weekly For Questions Via Phone, Text, & Video Calls

✅ Promotional Savings On Supplements & Labs

Learn more and schedule a 15 minute consult, here

6 Month Wellness Coaching

Rice Wellness Center

12 Month Wellness Coaching

✅ 1:1 on-going coaching support for 12 months (text, phone, email)

✅ Lab, supplements, & protocol recommendations

✅ Lab coaching

✅ 12 monthly structured 1 hour calls

✅ Personalized nutrition & wellness plans and protocols (Your “WELLNESS SUIT”)

✅ Unlimited access to resources and handouts

✅ Monthly group coaching calls

✅ After year 1, price drops to $150/month!

Available to only 50 clients a year!


Learn more and schedule a 15 minute consult, here

Group Coaching!

Integrative & Functional Health Group Coaching!

Do you feel like you have tried everything for yours, or your kid(s) health and nothing seems to work? Or, have you been prescribed medications your whole life without ever figuring out or healing the root cause of your health problems?

I invite you to join us monthly for group integrative and functional health coaching sessions, that include:

✅ Connecting with like-minded people/parents

✅ Lab, supplements, & protocol recommendations

✅ Sharing your health story with those that care to listen

✅ Getting to the root of your health problems

✅ Integrative and functional health tips for personalized wellness

✅ Access to an integrative medicine protocol database

✅ And more!

What works for some people will not work for others. There is no bulletproof process or one-size-fits-all approach to individualized wellness.

It’s time to get some answers to your health problems!

Two monthly session times available.  Choose the time that works best for you!

Integrative & Functional Coaching Session 1

When: Tuesday, 12-1pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Dates: 2nd Tuesday of the month.  October 10, 2023 – October 15th, 2024

Availability: 25 seats

Integrative & Functional Coaching Session 2

When: Tuesday, 9-10pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Dates: 2nd Tuesday of the month.  October 10, 2023 – October 15th, 2024

Availability: 25 seats

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