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✔ Nutrition
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Rice Wellness Center

Learn - Identify - Remove - Implement

Rice Wellness Center

Toxin Education

Learn about the over 100K
man-made chemicals that
are surrounding us everyday!

Rice Wellness Center

Check Your Home

Perform a home ‘check-in’ by reading the labels on food and 
household products. 

Rice Wellness Center

Start New Plan!

Leverage resources to seek out alternatives and begin your new
life plan toxin-free!

Rice Wellness Center


Food & Water

Learn about chemicals found in foods and water today and what foods you should consider buying organic or from a local source you trust.


Learn about forms of vitamins and minerals and what you should look out for on your supplement label to ensure optimal absorption.


Learn about chemicals found in cosmetics and how they impact your health (lotions, beauty products, soaps, hair products, and more).

Cleaning Items

Learn about chemicals found in cleaning and yard maintenance products and how they impact your health (detergents, disinfectants, sprays, and more).
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