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Save On All Rice Wellness Center Services When You
Support A Local Farm's CSA Package!

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Support Local Farmers!

Do you know your local farmers and where your food comes from?

Founder Troy Rice began his journey into health and wellness by first learning about where food comes from and how local food systems work.

That led to the creation of two agriculture tech companies and a deep passion to support local farmers before becoming an Integrative Health Practitioner and founding Rice Wellness Center.

Your local farmers work tirelessly to produce great tasting foods for their communities, while focusing on the right farming practices to revitalize our nations soil and produce nutrient dense foods.

Without them, our soils continue to degrade and the nutrients in the foods we eat diminish.

Seek out local farmers in your area, introduce yourself, build a relationship, and support them by participating in their CSA and other programs.

Choose to enroll in a local farm CSA and receive amazing savings on all services at Rice Wellness Center! 

Rice Wellness Center

Support & Save!

Rice Wellness Center


On the VIP Package 

Total annual savings of $900!

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On the 12 Week Plan

Total 3 month savings of $150!

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On Group Coaching

Total annual savings of $300!

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BONUS: All packages come with a FREE 30 minute consult with a Master Chef for meal prep and recipe tips!
Rice Wellness Center
Farm + Health

Join The List Of Farms We Support!

Are you a certified organic, certified naturally grown or a regenerative farm offering a local CSA package to your community?

We would love to support you and honor this collaboration offer.

Contact us at [email protected] and we will add you to the on-going list of farms we support!

Then, you simply communicate this great partnership with your customers and on social media.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you, and help your customers heal and feel alive again!

Farms We Currently Support:
Kessler Family Farms – Byron Center, MI 

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