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Rice Wellness Center
Rice Wellness Center


Why We Do It

We BELIEVE that our clients can live a life of optimal health and wellness and it is our responsibility and commitment to help them achieve it. We love to listen and understand our clients pain. We are eager to develop an approach, together, to help them overcome any health problem.

Who We Are

A customer focused, integrative health driven center for healing and lifelong wellness delivered with empathy and intention.

What We Do

We deliver personalized, sustainable wellness plans that meet our clients exact health needs, leveraging over 7 different integrative health disciplines to develop an approach that works for them, not a general set of people.

How We Do It

We help our clients uncover imbalances in their health through listening to their stories, their symptoms, what they’ve tried, what they enjoy, and precision testing and root cause functional methods to help them heal and feel alive again.

Ready To Feel Alive?

If feeling alive means helping you lose weight, get well, increase energy, sleep better, conquer your digestive issues, having a strong mindset, mastering your thoughts, being emotionally strong, connected to your spiritual being, or just improving overall well-being, we are excited to help!

One way we’re able to help you with your goals is through lab test through our Labs page to get a precise written protocol by Dr. Stephen Cabral, his team of practitioners, and Troy and the team at Rice Wellness Center. Labs come with a 30-minute consultation based on your results with a certified Integrative Health Practitioner.

Then, go deeper into your health goals and work with Troy and team at Rice Wellness Center to work together on a personalized plan, tailored directly to your needs and wants. Visit our Services, including VIP, 12 Week Personalized Plans, and Private Group Coaching to learn more! 

Rice Wellness Center


Our VISION is to help over 1 million people heal their mind, heart, spirit, and body returning to them the gift of living their dream life, which they can then bestow on to others, creating small ripples of vibrant living across the world!

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