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Integrative Health Monthly Membership


Get to the root cause of your health problems by working with an integrative health practitioner and naturopath trained in over 7 different disciplines with certifications in brain health, functional breathing, functional medicine labs, nutrition, and anti-aging & longevity.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and well-being.  Let’s uncover any imbalances and get you back the health and wellness you DESERVE with a personalized “Wellness Suit” approach!   Learn more about your practitioner, Troy,  here.

This membership includes:

  • 1, 30-minute consult a week (in-person or virtual) or up to 4 per month
  • Integrative health personalized wellness plan
  • Unlimited text and email support
  • Private lab portal access for discounted pricing on functional medicine labs, precision protocols, and supplements!

Membership payments are recurring on a monthly basis.  Upon purchase of this membership, you will receive a link for scheduling in-person or virtual consults, on-going.

Labs, protocols, supplements, coaching packages, and course programs are ALL eligible for FSA and HSA payments, courtesy of a partnership with TrueMed!  Ask to learn more.

I am grateful to serve as your Integrative Health Practitioner & Naturopath.  Welcome to the Wellness Mavericks Community!

Troy Rice, IHP2 & Naturopath


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