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Feel alive again through integrative health techniques to rebalance your
NEURO-ENDO-IMMUNOLOGY (Brain-Nervous System-Immune System)


7 Integrative Disciplines

Ayurvedic Medicine: Science of life & body-typing

Bioregulatory Medicine: The science of self-healing & rebalancing

Chinese Medicine & Herbalism: Unlocking nature’s healing wisdom

Eastern Philosophy: Using the mind to heal the body

Traditional Naturopathy: Using “right living” to reverse illness

Orthomolecular Medicine: The science of vitamins & minerals as “medicine”

Functional Medicine: State of the art lab testing to pinpoint underlying root causes 

Rice Wellness Center

Be Bold For Brain Health!

Optimal brain health is the KEY to leading an exceptional, healthy life!

Did you know?

  • Someone develops dementia worldwide every 3 seconds
  • Someone develops Alzheimer’s in the U.S. every 65 seconds
  • By 2050, an estimated 16 million people will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease

It takes BOLDness to achieve it in a world surrounded by choices that promote poor health. I believe everyone has the power to own their brain health at any stage of life.

The Brain Mavericks movement was created to help people wake up each day choosing to take action on anything that helps the brain and avoid things that harm it. In the words of Dr. Daniel Amen: “When your brain works right, you work right.”

Learn the 4 circles of the brain, how to remove automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) and dragons from your past, memory recovery, and how to overcome anxiety, depression, trauma and grief.

You are not stuck with the brain you have. Choose a better brain today! 

Rice Wellness Center
Rice Wellness Center

Functional Breathing

Biomechanics, biochemistry, and cadence of leveraging your breath for optimal health and wellness.

Proper (functional) breathing is not taught in most schools or households and therefore many of us grow up developing bad habits of dysfunctional (mouth) breathing.

Chronic mouth breathing has proven to cause health concerns, including: deformities of the mouth, speech impediment, poor sleep, sleep apnea, snoring, heightened stress, poor circulation, increased anxiety and panic attacks, and poor BOLT (body oxygen) levels.

All of which hinder your ability to feel alive and well.

Sleep apnea affects nearly 30 million people in the U.S. A condition that leaves most people feeling chronically fatigued due to lack of restorative sleep.

Learn simple daily breathing techniques to regain back your health in many ways, including in the moment responses to anxiety and panic attacks. Practices that can take as little as 5 minutes a day! 

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