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Face Symptoms

18 Signs & Symptoms Your Face Tells You About Your Health!

Did you know that you can diagnose your health through your face?  Here are top common symptoms to look out for and what they mean for your health!

1. Balding – high testosterone 

  • Tip: Pumpkin seeds, green tea, zinc 

2. Losing outer eyebrows – hypothyroidism

  • Tip: More iodine (sea kelp) in the diet 

3. Bloodshot eyes – liver issues or insulin resistance 

  • Tip: Avoid/minimize junk food, alcohol, and consider intermittent fasting (12-14hrs) 

4. Dark circles beneath eyes – insulin resistance

  • Tip: IF (12-14hrs) and a clean, balanced diet

5. Bags beneath eyes – blood sugar problems or kidney issues

  • Tip: IF (12-14hrs) and a clean, balanced diet

6. Oily skin – A sign of high androgens or PCOS 

  • Tip: IF (12-14hrs) and zinc 

7. Facial hair (women) – high androgens 

  • Tip: IF (12-14hrs) and a clean, balanced diet

8. Acne – high androgens 

  • Tip: IF (12-14hrs) and a clean, balanced diet

9. Cataracts – vitamin deficiency or high insulin 

  • Tip: More vitamins A and B1, NAC drops, and lower carb intake

10. Red cheeks – Cushing syndrome or high cortisol

  • Tip: Natural antibiotics: garlic, oregano, thyme, wormwood extract, and sage, and natural probiotics: sauerkraut 

11. Grey or brown cheeks – melasma or high estrogen 

  • Tip: Avoid unnecessary hormone medications, environmental plastics, estrogenic chemicals, and consider DIM, consuming cruciferous vegetables, iodine (sea kelp) 

12. Peeling, rough or dry skin, or Dermatitis – omega-3s deficiency

  • Tip: Fatty fish (salmon), cod liver oil, and avoid/limit fried foods, nuts, grains, and junk food 

13. Dry eyes –  omega-3s deficiency   

  • Tip: Cod liver oil 

14. Dry hair –  omega-3s deficiency   

  • Tip: Cod liver oil 

15. Blackheads – vitamin D deficiency

  • Tip: More sun exposure, mushrooms, or vitamin d3 supplements 

16. Cracked corners of mouth – vitamin B2 deficiency 

  • Tip: Avoid refined flour and intake more vitamin B2 

17. Cold sores – HS1 virus infection or weak immune system 

  • Tip: Diet rich in garlic and zinc, intermittent fasting (12-14hrs), and minimizing stress 

18. Rounded face – high insulin 

  • Tip: IF (12-14hrs) and a clean, balanced diet

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