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Low Energy? Try This!

Drained With Low Energy?

Do you feel low energy all the time?  Here are 11 things that boost AMPK (mitochondria protectors) and your energy!

If you constantly feel drained, have no energy, and lack any drive to move, it could be related to mitochondrial dysfunction.  

Mitochondria are organelles found in the cells and have a double membrane structure that use respiration to generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP)– used throughout the cell as a source of chemical energy.

One key enzyme that acts as a powerful mitochondrial protector is AMPK.

AMPK (5’adensoine monophosphate-activated protein kinase) is the guardian of your metabolism, the central regulating system for energy homeostasis (stress adaptation). 

This enzyme will sense a drop in ATP and adapt the mitochondria, helping it to efficiently increase survival through increasing ATP production and lowering ATP consumption.

AMPK is also responsible for triggering autophagy (removal of dead cells), mitophagy (recycling of mitochondria), and xenophagy (removal of intracellular pathogens). 

Besides its role in boosting energy and protecting mitochondria, it also works to:

+ suppress tumors

+ fight against cancer cells

+ reduce risk of diabetes

+ protect against fatty liver

Here are 11 potential ways to boost AMPK:

1) Consuming a diet lower in carbs

2) Induce hypoxia (breath holds, high-altitude breathing/training)

3) Exercise

4) Fasting 

5) Consume polyphenols

6) Consume resveratrol

7) Consume green tea

8) Consume berberine

9) Consume curcumin

10) Consume ginseng

11) Consume alpha-lipoic acid

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