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Tongue Health

8 Signs The Tongue Indicates About Health

A healthy tongue should present pink, nice and smooth, thin coding of saliva.  

Did you know that your tongue is at the top of your digestive system?

From the back of your tongue to the tip represents all the components of the body– back (rectum) to the top (neck/brain).

The middle of the tongue represents the small intestine-transverse colon-pancreas-stomach-heart.

Right side correlates with gallbladder and liver. And, the left side represents the spleen.

This visual is reversed when looking in the mirror.

Here are 8 signs to look out for which may represent an underlying root cause health issue somewhere in the body.

1) Dark purple on bottom of the tongue- weak digestion or malabsorption

2) Teeth mark indents– weak digestion or malabsorption

3) Swollen or thick tongue- congestion, lymphatic congestion, mucus in the body, or bloating

4) Yellow tint on the right side-  liver health

5) Hot spot near the tip- thyroid health, 

6) White bubbles on the side of tongue– bronchitis

7) White coding towards the back of the tongue (sometimes referred to as thrush)- candida or bacterial overgrowth  

8) Rash on the tongue is correlated to yeast, fungal based issues in the gut

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