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Parenting Thriving Kids

2 Tips For How To Parent Thriving Kids!

Looking for tips to be a better parent and guide in your child(s) life? 

Ever been in those moments where one kid wants to push the elevator button and then the other kid wants to, which often ends in an argument or even tantrums, yelling, or crying?

It is in these moments where the best opportunity lies to help guide your children in thriving, not surviving.

As parents, we feel the best approach may be to just threaten with some type of punishment: if you two don’t cut it out, you’re both going to bed early tonight.

I work a lot with parents and children and offer them to consider a better approach that aligns their guidance with their kid’s brain development. 

Children grow up behaving and acting with the right side of their brain– the emotional and feelings side, rather than the left side, which is for logic and reasoning.  

As kids grow, they learn to leverage their logic and reasoning more.  

Knowing this will help you navigate sticky situations by parenting using the Connect and Redirect method.

CONNECT and empathize with your kids as to why they care to push the button– acknowledging their feelings and emotions for which can be referred to as attunement.

Then, REDIRECT the environment to logic– reasoning for a solution.  

This will help your kids grow up learning to recognize and work-through their emotions while they further understand a logical approach to a beneficial solution.

For you as a parent, helps with stress management and future interactions amongst your kids, and you!

Looking for more tips, including wellness for you and/or your kid(s)?

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Great book resource: The Whole-Brain Child.

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