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Walking For Health

Significant Health Benefits From Daily Walks

Prioritize this 1 thing in your day to improve several different health factors for lifelong wellness!

There are many things within a given day that we feel that we need to get done:

  • work tasks
  • house projects
  • cleaning
  • parenting
  • planning

I encourage you to consider placing WALKING at the top of your list, on a daily basis.

Many are aware of the benefits walking offers for weight management, cardiovascular, and digestive health.  But did you know that it also offers the following 12 benefits?

  • It significantly reduces cortisol (stress)¬†
  • It increases creative thinking and problem-solving¬†
  • It affects your overall mood (decreases depression and anxiety)¬†
  • It enhances mitochondria¬†
  • It increases microbial diversity¬†
  • It improves endogenous antioxidants¬†
  • It increases T-killer cells¬†
  • It supports insulin sensitivity¬†
  • It transfers oxygen into the tissues¬†
  • It increases bone density¬†
  • It reduces inflammation¬†
  • It enhances your vision

Learn more through the below studies.

Walking outside is best for all additional sensory benefits, and potentially, vitamin D!

Need accountability support? Ask a friend, colleague, or family member to walk with you!

Looking for help regaining your energy, implementing new exercise habits, and designing a lifelong plan for wellness that is right for YOU?

Consider working with an integrative health practitioner to help you break through pain, emotional resistance, and survival state living, to enjoy the health and wellness YOU deserve?

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Published studies on the benefits of walking:

Immune response to a 30-minute walk

Association between daily walking and antioxidant capacity in patients with symptomatic peripheral artery disease

Interplay Between Exercise and Gut Microbiome in the Context of Human Health and Performance

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