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7 Tips For Lowering Mosquito Bites!

7 Tips For Lowering Mosquito Bites

Do you live in or around areas with heavy amounts of mosquitos? Here are 7 tips for naturally reducing your susceptibility to mosquito bites! And no, it’s not vitamin B intake.┬á

Several articles continue to circulate the internet regarding vitamin B intake and lessening the amount of mosquito bites.

Although, there is no direct link that has clinically shown the effectiveness of vitamin b intake or uptake and its effects on mosquito bites.  

However, there was a promising study released recently that showed results relating to elevated carboxylic acid in humans, and its increase in attractiveness to mosquitoes and mosquito bites. 

Carboxylic acid is needed for the body to produce what is called sebum– a waxy, fatty substance composed of triglycerides, wax esters, squalene, and free fatty acids. 

Most sebum is found on the face and scalp. Which explains why some people tend to have more acne (pimples) on their face. 

Sebum’s primary role is in maintaining skin homeostasis by coating, protecting and lubricating the skin. It also offers benefits of:

  • protection against skin infections
  • fights against acne
  • moisturizes and protects against damage
  • balances skin pH
  • important for fetal development and breastfeeding

Conversely, overproduction of sebum can lead to:

  • increased acne
  • clogged pores
  • smelly skin/body odor
  • greasy hair

Things like hormones, age, medications, stress, and certain types of ovarian and testicular conditions can cause overproduction of sebum.

So the area in which vitamin b, most specifically vitamin b5, can help is perhaps with hormone regulation.

Here are 7 tips for regulating sebum production, and hopefully, minimizing mosquito attractiveness:

1) Sleep (7-9 hours)

2) Avoid blood sugar disrupting foods

3) Consume healthy fats and omega-3s (olive oils, seeds, avocados)

4) Exercise

5) Manage stress levels

6) Limit or avoid excessive use of unnecessary medications

7) Consider supplements that support reproductive health

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