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Cancer Fighting 1,000 Year Old Herb!

Powerful herb for cancer fighting properties that has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine!

Wormwood, also known as artemisia, is an herb native to North Africa and Eurasia, and commonly grown in parts of the U.S. and Canada today. 

On-going studies are showing its powerful benefits for helping to fight cancer, lower inflammation, improve digestion, treat skin infections, and even kill off parasites like tapeworms.

Additionally, there is research on its effects to help with COVID.

The following benefits have been noted with its use for cancer patients:

+ Selectively cause apoptosis or cell death in cancer cells

+ Oxidizes small amounts of iron– turning it into free radicals which then target cancer cells

+ Inhibit certain proteins involved in converting normal cells to cancer with its phytonutrient properties

+ Inhibits normal cells from producing an increase of blood vessels to a tumor

+ Anti-inflammatory properties for preventing the spread of cancer cells

+ Inhibit the growth of cancer with anti-metastatic effects

You can grow wormwood yourself or it can be taken in a supplement form.

Consider wormwood in your diet, especially if you are looking to lower inflammation, improve digestion, help with skin infections, or help with cancer.

Learn more in this study: Development of artemisinin compounds for cancer treatment

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