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SCN & Anti-Aging

Regulate Your SCN For Sleep Quality & Anti-aging!

Consistent bed/wake times, with the rising/falling of the sun, are key for regulating your SCN (Suprachiasmatic Nucleus) resulting in improved sleep quality and anti-aging!

Sleep helps restore the immune system, lengthen telomeres, and strengthen CD8 fighter cells against viruses and bacteria.

Here is an example: Bed between 10-10:30p / Wake at 5-5:30a

Staying within 30 minute increments is important.

Trouble falling asleep?

Try this simple breathing practice for 5-10 minutes before bed:

1) Breathe in through the nose for a slow count of 4

2) Breathe out through the nose for a slow count of 5

3) Feel the slowed breath and your nervous system slowing down

4) Repeat for 5-10 minutes

Looking for help with better sleep and sleep cycle regulation?

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