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Kidney Health

Kidney Health & Oxalate Foods

Improving the health of your kidneys by cleansing excess uric acid and oxalates.  Tips for decreasing your risk of kidney damage or disease.

First of all, your kidneys are amazing, similarly to the liver, in that they can regenerate, especially after being negatively impacted by excessive toxins, uric acid, kidney stones, or oxalates. 

The kidneys have nearly one million tiny filters functioning through what is referred to as the nephron– helping filter the blood.

As you age, the kidney begins to lose these filters (up to 20%), which is an indication that you should be even more conscious of what you eat and your exposure and accumulation of toxins.

Two of the worst stressors on your kidneys are sugar and oxalates.  Oxalates are primary drivers for the development of kidney stones.

Oxalates can be found in healthy foods such as spinach, almonds, beet greens, peanuts, grains, legumes, sweet potatoes, cassava, kiwi, chocolate, turmeric, cinnamon, and clove.

It is not necessary to avoid these foods as they offer several health benefits.  What is important is that you are aware of your susceptibility of kidney damage and ability to process oxalates in the body.

Increased risk is likely due to poor absorption or gut health problems such as leaky gut, celiac disease, crohn’s disease, IBS, or gastric bypass. 

If you have any of these risks, consider a diet low in sugar (fructose) and oxalates to improve your kidney health. 

Additionally, gout is often a symptom of excess uric acid and oxalates and will continue to show up in urine tests for those with gout or kidney stones. 

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Optimal amounts of calcium in the diet
  • Optimal amounts of potassium in the diet (not for late stage kidney disease)
  • Balanced sodium/potassium ratio (2.5/1)
  • Consume lemon water every morning (or throughout the day)
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Optimal water intake
  • Balancing oxalate foods with calcium rich foods
  • Consume microgreens

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